Hi, we’re Alex  and Katie and we’re off on an amazing trip around the world for the next 12 months. We have been requested by family, friends and futur travellers to give news and recommendations from our trip, and so behold our blog is born. If you are looking for suggestions on a certain destination or how to plan such a trip and have stumbled upon our blog by chance, welcome! Let us introduce ourselves…

We both love to travel and it is this passion that led us to study hospitality, the perfect sector if you are hoping to work wherever it pleases you in the world. It was while studying at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne that we met 4 years ago and we have since been inseparable, so much so that some consider that we have actually merged into a single entity and fondly nickname us the Kalex.

After we graduated, we realized that in the professional world, time was flying by very fast. We decided that before we got caught up in a comfortable routine, we wanted to see the world and therefore started planning this trip of a lifetime.


I am Canadian-born, but grew up in the picturesque Gruyère region of Switzerland (famous for it’s cheese that does NOT have holes in it, thank-you!). Following family tradition,  I took a gap year after high school and travelled for 5 months around the world, this is where I truly caught the travel bug. I have since then been dying for the opportunity to do it again.

My personal challenges on this trip : Eat something that is served with it’s head, manage a 10 minute conversation in Spanish and try tandem surfing.


I am french and have been living for the past 9 years in Switzerland, country of wine, cheese and mountains. I got to travel a lot as a kid following my parents around the world, which was of great use when it comes to languages (I speak english, french and spanish very well). In Switzerland, I’m a print and digital media professional for lifestyle magazines, and plan to take advantage of this RTW experience to work for travel magazines.

My personal challenge on this trip : Fishing my biggest fish ever !

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