San Blas Islands

Travelling from Colombia overland to Panama is not a feasible option as there isn’t a paved road or any public transport, there is basically nothing but very wild jungle and guerillas in the Darien Gap, so making the journey even with a 4WD is madness. We were therefore left with two alternatives, the more direct option of flying, or the longer but more exciting option of sailing. We decided we wanted to sail on a catamaran because they are more stable and have more space on deck. This narrowed our search down considerably. Then, reading through the few reviews we could find, we chose the Nacar as it had good feedback and by chance it was departing around the date we were hoping to leave. The trip would take 5 days, with a day and a half in open water and three days island hoping through the San Blas, a collection of over 350 islands governed by the Kuna Indians.

Panama City

Panama city is the capital of the country. This city is like many we have already visited with a historic centre Casco Viejo, a modern district with many skyscrapers and in between several slum neighborhoods where it is best not to venture.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a small fishermans’ village located in what could be called the-middle-of-nowhere in the Vergaras province. It is mainly popular with surfers and travellers wishing to visit the Coiba reserve.


Boquete is a small town located in the North of Panama, inland in the cloud forest area. It is known for it’s coffee plantations and for it’s hikes and has also become very popular as a retirement destination for Americans.

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