The first island we visited was Maui, a journey down memory lane for Katie since she had been here during her last trip in 2006. We even stayed in the same hostel, the banana bungalow ; it had not changed much, but Katie realised she had, we were now much older and not much suited for the party atmosphere, after 5 days, we changed to another hostel in Lahaina that was more low-key. In total we spent just over a week in Maui, we had initially intended to stay longer, but it is extremely expensive and flying to the Big Island would be more affordable. The first couple of days we were on the island it was unfortunately very rainy, but the weather eventually cleared and we got some nice days to tour Maui.

Big Island

Big Island, or the Island of Hawaii, is the largest of the Hawaiian islands yet less visited than Maui or Oahu. The Big Island is particularly known for its active volcanoes and impressive landscapes both lush and barren. We rented a small one-bedroom bungalow-type house for a week and rented a car to discover the island.


Oahu is the most developed and unsurprisingly the most popular of all the Hawaiian islands as it has something for everyone, from the shops and the cocktails of Waikiki, to the surf and the beaches of the North Shore. The are also good hikes and some very interesting cultural and historical sights. We soaked up our last bits of Hawaiian life here for just under a week.

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